Choosing a docking station

Choosing a docking station

Technology, especially portable computers have a tendency of increasing performance while decreasing size. This has seen some powerful machines released, and to release the smallest size possible, some common peripheral connection ports are left out. Take the new MacBook for instance, a lot of ports like USB were left out. Lucky enough, docking station technology is up to date and can be used to get back those trusty ports that have been used for many years. However, given the number of brands available, it is crucial to know how to make the best selection. Below are some tips on how to choose the best docking station.

Selecting the best docking station


It is important to know why you need a docking station. This is crulkndslaknvlksndvlknklsadnvlksnavasdvcial in ensuring that you buy what you need and get tasks done efficiently. For instance, if you require getting a docking station to help you connect your USB A devices to a PC or MAC with USB Type C, then you need to select carefully. Once you are sure why you need a docking station, make sure to choose one that will deliver what you need.


Given the various brands, consumers are prone to overspending, making it extremely hard to determine what you have to spend. It is important to note that expensive is not always the best. You should make all your considerations based on performance and availability. When buying is it also great to come up with a budget of what you can afford. Avoid shipping from overseas if you can find some in your local market. International shipping tends to be expensive.

Build and size

If you are all about being economical with your space, then take some time to ensure that you select a docking station that will fit snugly on your work desk. The build is also crucial. A docking station built with stronger material like aluminum will be more durable than plastic. Therefore choose wisely.


Not all docking stations are created equally. Apart from the functionalities that you are looking for, ensure that you get extras too if possible. If you are looking for a docking station to connect a HDMI monitor, and in the process you get thunderbolt support, then that is a much better deal.


Make sure the docking stlsdknvlaksndlvknasdlknvlkasnlvkasdvasation that you get is compatible with your operating system. While most docking stations are plug and play, some might be specifically tailored to a specific OS.…