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What To Avoid When Shopping For A Motorbike Jacket

What To Avoid When Shopping For A Motorbike Jacket

Taking to the road on a motorcycle without a biker’s jacket is a traffic offense in most countries. It’s also a health hazard given its association with chest pains which can turn chronic and fatal in the long run. A jacket should subsequently be part of your riding arsenal. Buying one can, however, be a daunting task, making it necessary to know what to avoid when shopping for a motorbike jacket.

Poor fabric choice

There is an array of fabric materials to choose from whenever you set out to find a motorcycle jacket that befits your lifestyle. Your choice may as well be determined by the riding expeditions you enjoy. The jacket gear you need for professional motorbike training is, for instance, different from the one you may want to make part of your stylish weekend casual-wear wardrobe.


Leather jackets are good for long distance rides; they can as well make you give you the look of a motorbike fanatic with a street attitude. You can’t, however, wear leather at the peak of the summer heat. You won’t have a comfortable ride. Go for the textile verities instead since their ventilation feature discards off the heat and facilitate a cooling effect.

Poor fabric choice may, therefore, mean ending up with a jacket that you don’t need because it doesn’t offer you sufficient protection on the long rides that you usually make. Poorly ventilated jackets could also bring on health complications. Avoid this, and you’ll also steer off landing a jacket that doesn’t capture your personality vividly.

Be keen on the value-adding features

Safety issues are probably among the key reasons why you’re to buy a motorbike jacket in the first place. The best versions of these jackets come with the right set of protection armor worth your money. The elbows and the shoulders should, for example, have quality armor which often contains the letters CE – a mark of excellence used to rate motorcycle gear.

Steer off jackets with no accordion panels around the elbow area as well as the in the back and around the waist. The panels increase the jacket’s flexibility while on the road. Remember that this is an important safety-related factor since motorcycle jacket-related discomfort can trigger fatal traffic accidents. Spandex panels around the jackets’ sleeves increase flexibility as well as full range torso and arms movements.

Other things to avoid

jhdjhd874Don’t buy a motorbike jacket because it looks good from a distance. It has to be the right fit. Don’t go for jackets that are complicated to clean up especially if you ride on muddy roads. The jacket should also be rain and cold proof since you can never predict the weather. A good jacket is consequently one that you can adjust to suit various weather conditions.

Never buy a motorcycle jacket from shops that don’t understand motorbike gear. They are bound to give you misleading information, and this can be dangerous given that the jackets’ significance includes safety measures. Avoid shops that don’t offer warranty certificates. They mostly sell fakes since no motorcycle manufacturer churns out creatively designed jackets without extending warranty as a show of its products unrivaled quality attributes.…