Jackets For Motorbike Enthusiasts

A motorbike jacket protects you from injuries when you get involved in a crash and makes you look fresh and stylish when riding your beloved bike. With some knowledge, you will select the perfect riding jackets to make your trips safe and enjoyable.

The features of the best jacket for motorbike enthusiasts include:


There are two types of motorcycle jackets that include a one piece suit and two piece suit. If you are hunting for a coat that will offer you full body protection and fit close to your skin then go for a one piece suit. Racers mostly prefer it. On the flipside, a two-piece suit includes a jacket and a pant and offers you much flexibility since you don’t have to put on both outfits. It is perfect for casual rides.

Quality material

hgdhgd784Motorcycle jackets are made using different materials such as leather or textile. In some cases, they are manufactured from the two materials. The two materials have different properties. However, their performance depends on the nature of the material and how the jacket is made. Leather jackets are very common because they provide excellent abrasion resistance as well as good protection from injuries.

A textile motorbike jacket is made using fabrics like polyester or nylon. It also includes abrasion resistant varieties such as Kevlar, dynamic, armor just to mention a few. Textile motorcycle jackets are popular because the have ventilation, protect from cold and are waterproof. Weekend riders, cruisers and touring riders like clothes made using textile.


Motorbike jackets have zippers made from metal or plastic, and they need to be easy to open and close. Additionally, if the zippers are made from metal, then they should be covered with fabric to ensure that they are protected from moisture.


A riding jacket must have reflectors to improve visibility, especially at night. Keep away from jackets without reflectors because they put your life at risk in the dark. They are made to glow in the evening and make riders visible so that motorists can see them from a secure distance.


A Motorbike jacket must have protectors. These pieces of protective padding placed on the back, chest, arms and elbows must be elastic and large to sufficiently distribute the energy during a crash. A tight fitting motorbike jacket must have protectors outside the jacket while a loose fitting jacket should have great protectors that fit tightly to the body parts they are intended to protect. The protectors should not restrict your movement as well as comfort but should cover a large surface area to protect your upper body.

Air vents

If you wish to buy a leather motorbike jacket, then you should ensure that it has several air vents because leather is not good at air passage and absence of air vents can make you sweat a lot, particularly during sunny days.


Removable liners

Riding jackets with removable liners will provide you with options for wind or rain proofing. The liners can be quickly removed by unzipping from inside the jackets. The liners are very useful during winter because they keep riders warm and ensure that their temperature remains normal in severe conditions.


A Motorbike jackets seams should be inside the jacket to prevent abrasion during a crash. Additionally, the back and chest should be made from one material, and not tiny pieces are sewn together.